Cossack Film

Cossack, Feature Film. (In development)

"All men are warriors, most just choose not to fight."

Based on actual events, “Cossack” explores the notion that in a world full of injustice, the warrior is necessary.

A drug dealer with mob ties unexpectedly falls in love with a victim of his crimes: A beautiful young woman trafficked from Russia. Desperate for redemption, his quest to save her will bring them up against crooked cops, a ruthless Red Mafiya boss and a trio of mysterious and terrifying Chechen hitmen.

Cossack is the feature film upon which the Average Celebrities reality series is based.

An original screenplay, Cossack is a fresh, compelling, character-driven story with commercial appeal.

Below is a demo reel for the actors based on scenes from the script. Directed and Edited by Chris Greidanus:

Video Here

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